Paypal Error: We’re Sorry, but we can’t send your Payment right now


Today i am going to discuss on one of the major issue most of us face while using Paypal. We all know how important is Paypal to most of us, especially for Entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Just like any others recently when I am trying to collect payments through one of the third party application, i came across this error message during the transaction “We’re Sorry, but we can’t send your Payment right now”, initially i thought this might be the credit card which i am using causing the issue, so i retried with different card still the same issue.

Now I am worried just like any other person and started checking my Paypal settings and started googling about the error message. I got tons and tons of search results where people are looking for solution to the same problem which i was facing, to my surprise none of the search results was able to answer or provide me with any reasonable solution.

So, i had no choice but to drop a message to Paypal people about the error message on Facebook. I got an auto response from them and I eagerly waited for their reply, in the meantime i tried to search relevant Paypal communities and other websites to find solution to my problem, but no use. The more i searched about the error more questions i had in my mind.

When I searched in google i found Paypal has three different types of accounts

  • Personal.
  • Premier and
  • Business.

So, i was confused what type of account was mine and how do i upgrade it to the next level? So, i have asked them about this as well along with my error message, luckily after two days i got reply from Paypal

Paypal: Hi Abhiram – Thanks for reaching out to us here and being patient with us. Good question. Through PayPal there are now only two types of accounts. Personal or Business. Personal and Premier accounts have become the same.

Please send us the email address on your account and let us know what the error message you are receiving is. We would be happy to take a look into what options that might be available to you so that you can get you payment sent.

As requested I provided them with my Paypal address and the screenshot of the error message. After this they requested me to send more details about the error like on which application i was facing and what type of payment mode etc.

We're sorry, but we can't send your payment right now

Paypal: Hi Abhiram, Sorry to hear about the trouble sending a payment. Can you provide more details about the payment you’re trying to send please?

Me: Let me know what details you need. Basically its not sending a payment.. but receiving payment to my Paypal address through third party application where i need to collect payments using my Paypal address.. when someone is trying to pay this is what is the error it displays.

Paypal: Hi Abhiram, I understand. It may be an issue with the sender’s PayPal account. Have them contact us here so we can assist them with getting the payment sent.

Me: No, they don’t have any Paypal account.. when they are trying to pay using credit card without Paypal account this error is displaying.

Paypal: Hi Abhiram, That makes sense. You may not have guest checkout turned on. Here’s how to turn on PayPal Account Optional:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click the Business Profile icon and select Profile and settings.
3. Click My selling tools.
4. Under Selling Online, click Update near “Website preferences.”
5. Select On under “PayPal Account Optional” near the bottom of the page.
6. Click Save.

Me: Do i need to upgrade to Business account in order to do this? In the new layout of Paypal interface i am unable to find such option, but in the old layout i had already enabled it.

Paypal: Yes, guest checkout is only available to Business accounts in the new interface, so you would need to upgrade your PayPal account.

So, based on above conversation I guess by now most of you would have understood solution for the problem you are facing, it’s because you need to upgrade your account to Business in order to accept payments using credit card or debit cards. If you need more details on how to upgrade your account watch the below mentioned Video it should help you.

Previously I had one more Paypal account where i had upgraded it to business account and faced problems. So, i didnt hurry and asked the Paypal team about the same. So, this is what they have to say

Paypal: I review your Facebook profile and noticed you are from India. I reached out to a PayPal Business Support Specialist and they informed me that guest checkout (the ability to receive credit card payments from a customer without a PayPal account) is currently not available in India. Sorry for any inconvenience.

So, in order to accept payments through guest checkout the first thing you need to know is whether the service is available in your country or not. I asked them for the countries that have such facility, unfortunately they don’t have any comprehensive list that they can provide. So, its better to reach out to them for getting more solution on this problem in case if your questions are not answered here.

You can reach them on Facebook page or ask for help on Paypal Community. Last but not the least I would like to thank whole Paypal support team for prompt response, especially Dustin who patiently answered my questions.

If you have any concerns or suggestions please feel free to share them via comments section below. If this article has helped you or if it can help someone in your circle feel free to share with them.


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