HashOcean: Scam or Legit?

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Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, It’s an Innovative payment network and a new kind of money. I don’t want to get into basics of what exactly is Bitcoin, but if you are still not aware of what exactly is bitcoin then you should head over to Wikipedia to get more details about it.

Recently, I stumbled across Bitcoin Mining on Quora when someone answered to a question about Bitcoin. Initially I was skeptical about this, but in the meantime I started gathering more information about it. I read about it on different sites and also some of the best sites to invest, which is when I came across HashOcean. So, when it comes to online I always try to be careful and not to get tempted with ROI anyone is offering on my money. Remember ROI & Risk goes hand to hand, when ROI is high you can expect Risk also to be the same. So, I started investing more time on Bitcoin Mining and also on Hashocean.

There was a stage where I got convinced with what HashOcean was providing and took the Initial step of investing a very small amount of money into it and see how things go, Initially It took lot of time for me as its not only about bitcoin or mining but also about genuine Bitcoin Wallets. Somehow, I found a trust able Bitcoin Wallet Zebpay.

I made my first Official Payment to Hashocean, I invested very small amount because I dont want to take huge risk where I cant get back on my legs. So, I took the risk which I can afford to lose. Just 4 days after my deposit HashOcean has gone down. I am worried but not about the money which I Invested, but about others who Invested with lot of hopes and expectations on this system and the company. So, I tried my level best to get continuous updates from different kind of Online resources and shared them on different forums to help people know what exactly is happening. So, I have decided instead of posting it on some random forum I felt like providing you guys with Continuous updates here on my website. I will update this post every day or every hour with what ever information I can get from Various Online sources. Please feel free to share this post with anyone that can help and also can add any valuable information in comments section below.

I know most of us have so many questions, but let me list down few questions which I feel are more important.

  1. Is the Hashocean site really Hacked?
  2. If Yes, when exactly are we expecting them to go live again?
  3. Are the mined bitcoins safe?
  4. When will the Users get payed?

We will try to provide updates based on these four important questions which most of the people have.

26/06/2016: HashOcean Site Went down !! Most of us thought it’s normal maintenance.

As the time passed most of us got worried and started posting it on various websites and forums, then a person named KIM has updated on one of the website comments saying the site was hacked and they are trying to work on it.

Kim HashOcean Update

Things got heated when people got to know the site was hacked and so many scam sites started taking advantage using their name.

Since the site was using Cloud flare most of us were able to access the snapshot of the site for next few hours after the incident.

Jam HashOcean Update

In meantime Hashocean took down their Official Facebook Page and Youtube Videos, which made things even more worse by creating lot of questions in peoples mind this also led to scammers and hackers to take advantage by creating fake FB pages and spread wrong information.

Jay HashOcean Update

Mohammad HashOcean Update

27/06/2016: Things got more heated up as the site is not back yet. Different Websites and sources started believing that HashOcean has scammed 700k users.

CoinTelegraph Published an article:

Major Bitcoin Miner Disappears Along with Millions of Dollars Worth of Bitcoin

28/06/2016: Fake Facebook pages were created and started spreading fake news.

Cointelegraph Published an Article:

HashOcean Responds, Cites a Hack, Ready to Resume Usual Payout

One of the Facebook Page claims themselves as the authentic HashOcean and requested their users to deposit money into their account for cross verification.

HashOcean FB Update

I would suggest Please don’t fall for such scams and deposit any kind of money. Completely Ignore them and report such posts to Facebook.

And few updated stating that HashOcean will be up and running on 29th Jun and all payments will be repaid.

vavavav HashOcean Update

29/06/2016: HashOcean is still down and I don’t see them coming back.

Even though themerkle has published HashOcean Is Not Dead Yet By The Look of Things but to me it still looks like they are dead.

Alatay HashOcean Update

So, guys Please make sure not to trust any website which claims themselves as HashOcean or any Facebook Page which claims as official. I don’t have hope that they will comeback because whatever might be the problem they are facing if they didn’t scam they should have come forward officially though a trusted source and let 700,000 users know about what exactly happened, but they didn’t, which leaves me no option but not to have any hope on them.

In meantime I have reached out to Enom where the domain got registered to check whether really the site HashOcean was hacked or not? I will let you guys know as and when I receive an update from them.

Enom HashOcean Update

You can also go to Change.org and sign the petition on HashOcean created by Gonzalo D

Petition Link: Click Here

30/06/2016: Received an update from enom. As per their update they dont have any involvement in the operation of their business in any way.

enom update

So, it looks like all the news which is spreading about HashOcean working with enom is not true and I dont think HashOcean website would come back to life.

01/07/2016: The latest Information from a group which claims to be ethical hackers shows efforts to trace the owners.

Read the full article here: Hackers Track HashOcean Mining Company



    • Yes Mohammed. I hope necessary action would be taken by the Governments or FBI to make it a lesson for others who take advantage of investors.

    • I would suggest you to stay away from such scam pages which claim themselves to be Hashocean and steal your money

    • Ya I have checked but they can’t take the site down just to protest against Donald trump without informing anything to 700k users who registered on their site. Which still doesn’t make it sense to me.

    • It looks like they have spammed the page and facebook is requesting to enter the captcha before accessing the page !! So please stay away from such pages.

  1. I also reported hashocean abuse to eNom and asked for information about the hacking. But I didn’t get a positive response. Here is there reply:

    RE: eNom – Report Abuse – Reference #ABUSE-14827


    It appears that you may have a financial dispute with a registrant of a
    domain name registered with eNom.

    eNom adds no value as an intermediary in such disputes, neither are we
    typically in a position to adequately investigate such claims and pass
    judgment on the relative merits involved.

    In cases such as this, we would advise you to contact your financial
    institution and/or the state or federal authorities applicable to you with
    regards to your specific issue.


    eNom.com / Bulkregister.com

    5808 Lake Washington Blvd
    Suite 300
    Kirkland, WA 98033


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