Fundamental Analysis of CryptoCoins

Fundamental Analysis of Crypto Coins

There are many Experts who do Technical Analysis of the coins but we find very few people who share the fundamentals of the Crypto Coins. Always in CryptoTrading both Technical Analysis and Fundamentals act equal part. So, one should be aware of both the things before entering into a trade.

Today we are going to talk about fundamentals of few coins like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Stratis(STRAT) and Tron(TRX).

As of now if you see the Total Market Cap on Coinmarketcap it has come down to 380 Billion dollars and BTC Dominance to 37.5%.

Fundamental Analysis of few Crypto Coins!

There are many people who do Technical Analysis but very few who share Fundamentals and Interesting news of the coins! Crypto Trading is all about combination of Technicals and Fundamentals.FIFA Can boost the value of Bitcoin, Read More here: Consensus Meeting taking place on May14th-16thEthereum Future Contract had launched yesterday 4PM UK time on an UK Exchange, Read More here: as a Payment for Haircut, Read More About it here: that have Interesting Updates are Stratis and TRXSTRAT Upcoming Updates: Upcoming Updates: you have any other coins which you want me to look into the fundamentals before my next live video just let me know in the comments section guys!Thanks for watching, If this video has added some value please like, comment and share it guys!

Posted by Abhiram Bangaru on Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bitcoin Fundamentals:

For Past two days Bitcoin has been bearish and there are many reasons that cause this FUD in the market. we will highlight the things that create the FUD and also mention the things that will increase the value of BTC in coming days.

Things which created FUD were:

  1. South Korean’s largest Exchange Upbit was Investigated by Police to which the market reacted.
  2. In Other news 8200 BTC was moved from Mt. Gox Wallet to Exchanges In order to sell it off.

In general Bitcoin price goes down every year before the Consensus Blockchain Summit and later during the meeting and post the Summit the price increases for overall market. This Trend has been observed for past 3 years and it is expected the same this year as well.

Consensus Blockchain Summit is taking place this year on May 14th – May 16th.

Things which can move the Bitcoin Price in coming days:

  1. As mentioned earlier Consensus Block chain Summit.
  2. FIFA World cup as Russian Hotels are accepting Bitcoin as Payment.
  3. RBI Regulation that created Blockade to Indian Exchanges from banks has been challenged by Crypto Exchanges in Supreme Court and Delhi Court, a possible decision will be revealed on or before May 24th. (Most people are expecting this decision would be in favor of Crpto exchanges).

Bitcoin Trend on 13th May 2018

Ethereum Fundamentals:

Though Ethereum has been down since the starting of this Year and started slowly recovering in recent months, but recently I have seen lot of Technical Analysis that is being shared by many experts that Ethereum might go back down to 500$ range.

I am not sure about the Technical Analysis part on that but I need to share an Interesting Fundamental news about Ethereum.

  • UK based Trading Platform has launched Ethereum Futures Market day before yesterday (i.e., on May 11th) enabling the Investors to take long or short positions which in turn will let them broaden investment opportunities and manage risks more effectively.We know how the market will be manipulated with the futures market in place.

Ethereum (ETH) Trend on 13th May 2018

Ripple Fundamentals:

Ripple as of now doesn’t have any interesting or strong fundamentals that can push the value of the coin drastically up.

XRP Upcoming Updates

STRATIS and TRON Fundamental Analysis:

Both of the coins are having so many interesting updates in coming months especially in the months of May and June.

Stratis has been bearish for a long period since after it touched its ATH last year it didn’t recover much after that and with the fundamentals that are in place we expect it to recover in next couple of months.

STRAT Upcoming Updates in the month of May and June

Tron on the other hand has also so many interesting updates in coming months. It has Mainnet launch that is going to happen by end of this month which can move the price of the coin.

TRX Upcoming Updates in the month of May and June

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