1. Blockchain platform NAGA partners up with Hamburg SV.

2. Robinhood competitor Voyager to offer Zero Fee trading of 15 Cryptocurrencies.

3. DPRating, an independent research firm that strives to become the “Moody’s in the digital currency sector,” recently released its June Github rankings, where it analysed 218 projects activity on the popular open-source software development platform to analyse who is still coding in the bear market. Check complete details here

4. Chinese Influencers call for Blockchain to solve Food and Drug Safety problems.

5. GPU sales for cryptocurrency mining fell quarter over quarter, AMD announced in its Q2 report on wednesday.

6. Bitmain announce its policy approach to improve shipping and mining processes and provide a “fair and transparent cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

7. Blockchain based betting platform Augur now features “Assassination Markets” featuring Donald Trump and Warren Buffett.

8. A new bill facing the US Congress would have FinCEN more closely examine the cryptocurrency space according to public documents.

9. MetaMask, an Ethereum network browser extension, got pulled from the Google Chrome Web Store for 5 hours for as of yet unknown reasons.

10. Rogue Employee Mined 500k Bitcoin in 2011 – An employee at Qiwi reportedly mined roughly 500,000 Bitcoins in 2011 by hijacking the company’s payment terminals, CEO Sergey Solonin said Wednesday.

11. Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian: Bitcoin is “Battle Tested,” Still heading for $20k this year – He is sticking to his guns with respect to his optimistic outlook for the cryptocurrenct space.

12. BitMEX, a Hong Kong based digital asset exchange, has just set a new industry record by trading nearly 1 Million in XBT (or BTC) in the last 24 Hours.

13. The law commission of India, an organization established by the country’s government, recently recognized cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as an “electronic means of payment,” accorrding to recently released report.

14. Tianya Club, an internet forum founded in 1999, announced on wednesday it will launch the blockchain based Tianyan Token (TYT) on Aug. 8 as a way to reward original content contributions and participation in community activities. It will also serve as a means of exchange and payments.

15. Catalonia’s government will work on a strategy to implement blockchain across all public administrative activites.

16. Coinbase rolls out Crypto gift cards in Europe and Australia.

17. A joint report from China’s IT Ministry and Internet Service Provider Tensent Holdings finds that blockchain tech can enhance the transparency of financial services.

18. Korean Authorities to legitimise Crypto Market as soon as possible to prevent hacks.

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