1. The city of Liverpool will use Malta based Poseidon Foundations blockchain platform to offset the city’s climate impact by 110%.

2. Bitcoin (BTC) mini bull run over, Expert says worst might be coming.

3. Over $60,000 in cryptocurrency have reportedly been stolen by attackers modifying users BTC addresses. The Virtual currency is stolen when a modified version of an old ransomware program is downloaded by unsuspecting users.

4. India has become more optimistic in crypto as Big companies challenge courts.

5. Facebook restores Coinbase Crypto Ads, No intent to block Legitimate Companies.

6. Coinbase establishes “Political Action Committee” with plans to spend on US Elections.

7. Electronics giant Samsung has recently started accepting Cryptocurrency Payments in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and is reportedly going to start accepting various cryptos on other regions in the future.

8. China’s Crypto Millionaires are using Bitcoin to buy real estate abroad – Bitcoin is flowing out of China, into California Mansions – and changing global real estate patterns.

9. Bitcoin Futures trading activity on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange surged in the second quarter, as the average daily volume grew 93% versus the previous quarter, While open interest surpassed 2,400 contracts, a 58% Increase.

10. TRON (TRX) a blockchain infrastructure for a decentralised internet, announced this week that it will launch TronLink, a browser extension that connects users and websites to the TRON blockchain on July 31st.

11. BBVA Signs $117 Mln blockchain powered Corporate loan – Spanish bank BBVA signed a new blockchain-powered loan, having completed the fist global blockchain based pilot on loans and corporate finance.

12. Cloud Mining platform HashFlare stops services, disables equipment’s on SHA-256 Contracts due to difficulties with generating profits.

13. Blockchain technology is breaking into new sectors as the telecommunications industry begins to feel out its potential for phones and communication.

14. Encrypted email service provider Tutanota has recently started testing cryptocurrency payments options, starting with Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Ether and Monero. The service according to its website, gives users an extra layer of privacy thanks to built-in encryption.

15. Cryptocurrencies to get a new life as FSA reorganizes to accommodate Cryptocurrencies in South Korea.

16. Bank Broker TP Icap eyes entry into Cryptocurrency Sector.

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