1. Chile’s Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Orionx crypto exchange, saying the state-owned Banco Estado has to reopen the company’s previously closed deposit account.

2. Financial services giant Old Mutual has recently published the 2018 savings and investment monitor survey for South Africa, the continent’s second-biggest economy. As Per it’s study, as much as 60 percent of South Africans revealed they’re unaware of cryptocurrencies.

3. Crypto becomes proper alternative to cash in struggling Economies.

4. $13.5 Million hack ignites fresh debate over crypto project Bancor.

5. The world’s top tech companies might be experiencing a serious talent drain to crypto. According to the CEO of Polychain – the world’s largest cryptocurrency investment firm – tech industry titans such as Google, Facebook and Linkedin are not seeing some of their top talent leave to join the fast-growing world of crypto startups.

6. Billionaire Investor Steven Cohen says crypto will revive hedge funds.

7. ADVN CEO Clem Chambers predicted another x10 bitcoin price increase if it’s logarithmic gowth continues. Bitcoin can really get back to $20,000 a coin and it can even hit the $200,000 and then $2 million mark, “if the market mechanism of the asset remains viral.”

8. Kraken trolls Coinbase by mentioning that it’s explores listing of 1600 new coins.

9. Cobinhood surges 58% after announcing Margin trading beta and Fiat Trading pairs.

10. Heavy downpours that have recently been affecting the Sichuan Province in China allegedly barely affected cryptocurrency miners in the region, according to the owner of prominent mining pool BTC.top Jiang Zhuoer.

11. US, Switzerland and Singapore ranked as top most favourable countries for running an ICO.

12. Greek Court rules to extradite Alexander Vinnik to France on charges of laundering $4 Billion in Bitcoin.

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