Complete Guide on How to Create a Facebook Page and Get Likes

Complete Guide on How to Create a Facebook Page and Get Likes

Social Networking is something which has become part and parcel of everyone’s life, in today’s world showcasing your talents or spreading your message has become much easier with the help of social networking sites. Such websites not only play an important role for individuals but also for people who would like to do business and reach out to wider audience. Today we are going to speak about such one website “Facebook” on how to start your online presence and market your page or products.

Let’s dig into it, with small introduction to Facebook.

Facebook is an Online Social Networking Platform which was started by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. Today Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users with annual revenue of 12.466 billion dollars. These numbers just speak how big Facebook is and how important it is to have an online presence on such platform.

What exactly is a Facebook Page?

Facebook pages are mostly used by businesses, brands or organizations in order to share and connect with people. Benefits of having a page

  • You can customize and publish stories.
  • You can host events.
  • You can promote posts.
  • People who like your page can get updates in News Feed and many more.

Things required before creating a Facebook page?

  1. You need to have a Personal Account in order to create and manage a page.
  2. If you want to create a page that represent a Business, Brand, Organization or Celebrity you must be an official representative.

Once after you have a personal account creating a page is as easy as preparing a coffee. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Login to your Facebook Personal Account and Select Create a Page option. This can be done in three different ways.

Option 1

Navigate to Lefthand sidebar —> Go to Pages Section —> Select on Create Page option.

Facebook Create Page option on Lefthand sidebar

Option 2

Navigate to Righthand sidebar —> scroll down —> Click on More option —> select Create Page option.

Facebook Create Page option on Righthand sidebar

Once after you click on More option you would see a drop down menu as shown in the image mentioned below. Click on Create Page Option.

Facebook Create Page option on Righthand sidebar dropdown

Option 3

On Top Righthand side Header —> Select drop down arrow —> Select Create Page.

Facebook Create Page option on Top Righthand side

After you click on the option “create page” you would be redirected to a screen where you will see different type of categories to choose from.

Facebook page main category

Based on your Page’s Sub-category, different features are available for your page. Below mentioned table outlines the different page categories and the important features that are available to them.

Facebook page features

After you click on one of the above 6 main categories you have to select one of the Sub-category from drop down and assign a name to your page.

Facebook page name

Selecting Page/Brand/Product name is very important to any business, Facebook has certain rules on what type of page names are allowed. Some of them are as follows

  • Page Names must accurately reflect the page you are promoting.
  • Page for a Brand, Place, organization or Public Figure only authorized representatives can manage.
  • Page Names can’t include terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone’s rights.
  • Page Names must use grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capital letters, except for acronyms.
  • Page Names with unnecessary Symbols or Punctuation are not allowed.
  • The Page Name can’t mislead others into thinking it’s an official page or that it’s manages by an authorized representative.
  • Page Names can’t consist only Generic Words or Generic geographic locations.

Once after you select your Sub Category and Name, Click on Get Started, You will be redirected to a page where you need to fill the details of your Brand. It is basically divided into four main sections.

  • In About section make sure you enter Description and Website to improve the ranking of your page in search.
  • While entering a Facebook address, I always prefer a name that exactly matches with the Page Name, because it’s easy to remember and your page would be easily indexed by google for that particular keyword.

Note: Remember that your Facebook Address can be changed only once. So make sure you assign a proper name to it.

  • Second step is to upload a relevant picture that best describes your Business or Brand or Product.
  • In Third step you can either add your page to favorites or just skip it.
  • Fourth step is something which Facebook has recently introduced in order to understand people you’d most likely to connect with. If you don’t know who your audience are, then I would suggest you to skip this step as well.

Hola! You have successfully created your first Facebook Page. The next big step is how to get Likes to your page and spread the word.

Before we proceed make sure you have completed some of the important things that are necessary.

  1. Navigate to About section of your page and make sure all relevant fields are filled.
  2. Create a “Call To Action” button to your page. This is a very important step because it can drive huge traffic to your website or Landing page you have assigned.

Choose a button from drop down

Facebook page buttonEnter Website Link. Enable Setup a Link to an App option. Choose where to send people on IOS & Android. If you have an app select the relevant option and provide the link, If you don’t have an app then leave it to the default selection i.e., website. Click Create. Click on your Call to Action button to see various options that you can perform.

Facebook page call to action button options3. Make sure you have uploaded relevant cover image on to your Facebook page.

4. Click on Settings Tab of your Page —> Go to Post Attribution and make sure it is selected as “Post as {Page Name}” option.

Facebook page post attribution5. Post few relevant links on your page News Feed because we don’t want to invite people without any content. Just consider your Page as a live store on a street corner road would you invite people without having anything to offer them. No, right!! So in the same way just publish something that can impress people to like your page. Sometimes Facebook will not be able to render the content or images of the link you are trying to publish. So the best way to let Facebook index the link is by submitting it to Facebook debugger tool. Enter the link and click on Debug, sometimes Facebook would not be able to debug the link on the first instance so keep fetching new scrape information until it renders the data correctly.

6. One last thing is Like your own Page and this would be your first Like.

Once after all the above steps are followed now just let your friends know about your Facebook page by inviting them. In order to invite them just go to your Facebook page and on the cover photo you could see 3 dots beside message option. Click on it to get a drop down menu with an option for Invite Friends.

Facebook page inviting friends option

After you click on the option “Invite Friends” you would get a different pop-up where it consists of different columns with filters, friends list and People selected, besides you also have a search option on the top to search for people from your friend’s list.

  • If you have different friend’s list/Groups make sure the default selection is “All Friends” as shown in the Image.
  • In the center based on the Friend list selected your friends are displayed, select them with the tick option as shown in the Image.
  • The selected people are shown on the right hand column. Once after you have selected all your friend’s, click on send invite.

Note: Sometimes you might not be able to select few friend’s to invite because in the past you would have already invited them to Like your page.

Basically, this is how I get my first 50-100 likes easily without doing any marketing or spending money.

Facebook page inviting friends

Hope this guide has helped you to start your first Facebook page successfully. If you have any concerns or suggestions please feel free to share them via comments section below.If this article has helped you or if it can help someone in your circle feel free to share with them.



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