Basics of Facebook Advertising

Basics of Facebook Advertising

In today’s world we all know content is king, but how much ever good might be your content without proper marketing it would be difficult to reach the right audience. I guess most of us do have Website, Blog or Landing page of your own product or service, but when it comes to traffic you hardly get anything that is valuable or countable. Your articles might be better than others with more Word count, good Keyword Optimization, Huge Backlinks and yet you are not getting any tangible traffic. Understand that SEO doesn’t work that way, SEO is just like planting a seed, you can’t expect it to become a tree in a single day. In similar fashion, it would take at least 6 months for the search engine traffic to kick in.

In mean time most of us get worried on how to drive traffic to your blog or website. Traffic is broadly divided into 4 different types.

  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social
  • Organic

In this blog we will discuss on how to drive traffic using one of our social channel Facebook. When it comes to advertising most of us are aware of Google or Bing Advertising, but by using Facebook advertising you can drive traffic for as low as 1 cent.

NOTE: In order to have access to Facebook advertising you need to have a Facebook Page. If you don’t have a Facebook page or if you don’t know how to create one check my Guide on How to create a Facebook page and get likes.

It’s not mandatory to have a website if you need a Facebook page, most people out there do business by just using Facebook. If you are selling a product or service then you can just start with a Facebook page and as things scale then you can have a website.

On any social media besides advertising, you can also drive traffic to your website for free if your articles or Images are viral enough. If they are not then other possible ways to drive traffic to your posts are as follows

  • Share regularly on Facebook Page.
  • Respond to Messages and Comments.
  • Try to reach out to people in your niche and ask them to share your article. 9 out of 10 people won’t respond, but if you find at least one person who is willing to share your article with their audience then it’s a huge achievement. Imagine a person who is willing to share your blog has 20k followers on his/her page and if the conversion rate is 1% then you are getting 200 visitors just for zero dollars. It’s the easiest way to drive traffic to your website but most people SPAM others which is not a good way of approaching.

Format I Follow

Hi {Page Name},

Hope you are doing great.

Recently I have stumbled across your Facebook page and glad to see lot of value in it.

I have published a similar article on my blog/website {link to the article} and looking forward to your valuable feedback on it.

Irrespective of that please continue sharing all the valuable content and would love to learn more from you.

Thanks for your time, Have a nice day!!


{Your Name}

In your very first message never ask them to publish your content, first ask them for their opinion because this way you’re increasing your chances by establishing a bond with them. If they are impressed by your article then you can request them to share it with their audience.

  • Alternatively you can also Join similar groups and share your message.

Not to worry if none of the above steps are working out for you, you can always spread your message using Facebook Advertising.

Day by day number of Facebook user’s are growing and by 2016 number of mobile users will overtake the Desktop user’s. So, not only your websites need to be responsive but when you are advertising you need to make sure you are targeting all types of device user’s.

Once after you logged in to your Facebook account, navigate to left-hand side of your Newsfeed, you can see various categories under which you can see something like Pages under that you can find option for Create Ad. Click on it.

Create Ad Navigation

You will be redirected to a new window where you need to select the Objective for your facebook advertising campaign. It can be driving traffic to your website, getting likes to your page etc.

Campaign Objective

Boost Your Posts

If you have posted links/Images/Videos on to your facebook page, with this option you can boost them individually to reach more audience.

Promote Your Page

It’s simple as what it says use this option to get more likes to your Facebook Page. Use this if you ever need likes but never buy them from a third party website or person because they are not real likes, they are bots.

Send People to Your Website

Increase Number of visits to your Website or Blog or Landing page.

Increase Conversion on Your Website

Send people to your website to take a specific action, like signing up for a newsletter. Use a pixel to measure your conversions.

Get Installs For Your APP

Send people to the store where they can Download or Purchase your APP.

Increase Engagement In Your App

Get more people to use your Facebook or mobile app.

Raise Attendance at Your Event

Promote your Facebook event to increase your attendance.

Get People to Claim Your Offer

Promote timely discounts or other deals for people to claim in your store.

Get Video Views

Promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise awareness about your brand.

So, choose the objective as per your need and continue with next set of settings. Here is what I like the most about Facebook advertising, whatever might be your objective the next set of settings are almost similar.

For demonstration purpose, I am going to choose my objective as Send People to Your Website, the next thing it would ask me is to enter the URL of the website.

Demo Objective

So now things might look little complex but it’s just walk in the park.

Step 1: Create Your Campaign

If you are running multiple campaigns assigning a proper name to your Campaign will help you to identify the objective of a particular campaign. Remember a campaign can contain multiple ad sets with the same objective.

Campaign Title

Step 2: Create Your Ad Set

On the very right side you can see a speedometer kind of thing with the arrow pointing out to three different colors, I always prefer to stay in Green color which is the best option for advertising. Though the current position is almost close to Broad or in other words fairly broad I need to make sure to narrow it down further.

Custom Audience

Custom Audience

You can use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook users IDs or app user IDs to create and save audiences you’d like to show your ads to. If you don’t have any of those just leave this option untouched.



Enter all the Countries, States, Cities or ZIP Codes you would like target using your ad. Right below that you can see four different options like

  • Everyone in this location
  • People who live in this location
  • People recently in this location
  • People traveling to this location

I would suggest you to leave it to default selection i.e., Everyone in this location.

Age & Gender

Age and Gender

Select the minimum and maximum age of the people who will find your ad relevant and for Gender choose “All” unless you only want your ads to be shown to either men or women.



Leave this blank unless the audience you are targeting uses a language that is not common to the location you have chosen above. Most of the times I prefer to target audience who knows English(All). Below that you can refine your audience based on different Demographics like Relationship, Education, Work etc.

More Demographics

I hardly use this Demographic section, but it entirely depends upon the objective or product you are promoting. For instance if you are promoting a Product exclusive only for people working in a particular Company or Organization then you can refine that by going to Work option.



Facebook can help you reach specific audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the Pages they have liked and closely related topics. Most of the times I target audience who liked my competitor’s page.



Reach people based on purchase behaviors or intents, device usage and more. Some behavior data is available for US audiences only.



Reach people who have a specific kind of connection to your Page, app or event. This will narrow your audience to include only people with that specific connection who also meet the other targeting categories you’ve selected. So, whenever I promote something I exclude audience of my page because there is no point in doing paid advertising to the people who already liked.

Budget & Schedule

Budget & ScheduleWhen it comes to budget I always like to spend as low as possible. Since I am from India Facebook allows me to spend as low as 40 INR in other words 60 Cents. If you choose a daily budget, the amount you enter is the maximum you’ll spend each day. If you choose a lifetime budget, the amount you enter is the maximum you’ll spend during the lifetime of your ad set.

When it comes to scheduling your ad set will either run continuously starting today or within a date range you select and leave remaining options to default under Budget and Pricing.

Step 3: Create Your Ad

Ad set detailsFinal step of your ad set, fill all the necessary details on how you want your ad to look like. Make sure to use Images (Recommended Size 1200*628 Pixels) that attract your target audience and increase your Click Through Rate.

Add a headline that grabs people’s attention and tells them what your ad is about. In Text Section tell people a bit more about your URL. Make sure to clearly explain what you’re promoting.

Though the Call-to-Action buttons are optional I would suggest you to select relevant option.

Before placing the order, you can always view your Ad on various News Feed.

TIP: I suggest you to run different ad sets for example in one ad set enable Desktop News Feed and disable other News Feeds and in other ad set enable Mobile News Feed and disable other options this way you will understand on which news feed your ad is working better and continue that.

Hope this has helped you to start your first Facebook advertising campaign, let me know if you have any concerns via comments section below. If this article has helped you or if it can help someone in your circle feel free to share with them.


  1. Great article. I have a few questions. I’m trying to navigate the Facebook advertising world. If I’m targeting Yuma, Arizona (USA) and my target audience primarily speaks Spanish even though they work in the English speaking area I’m targeting, what should I do for the language targeting option? Spanish or English?

    • HI Russ! I am glad you found this article useful. Based on your target audience you need to select language targeting option as Spanish. So, what happens is irrespective of what country you select facebook will target people who can understand Spanish when you select your target audience language as spanish. All the best and let me know if you have any other doubts.


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