5 promising ICO’s to watch before December

5 Promising ICO's to watch in the month of november and december

If you are a part time cryptotrader or a full time trader you should already know that the current trend is to participate in ICO’s for getting maximum ROI in short period of time. Remember the risks involved in participating ICO’s are also relatively high as well. I have come across few amazing ICO’s that got my attention purely based on the solution they are trying to provide.

I have not done any kind of intensive research so please be cautious before investing in them. I am sharing them because they looked interesting and you need to do your own research before investing in them.


Playkey is one of it’s kind which is trying to provide solution to the gaming industry by providing a cloud based solution. I was a gamer once and I know the challenges of buying a new hardware when ever a new game comes into the market because of high end system configuration.

It’s so simple that Gamer launches small playkey application on his/her system, then your PC transmits command to playkey cloud server and your game is launched on Nvidia Powered GPU Servers.

Official Website Link: PLAYKEY

SOLA Foundation

A decentralized social network which pays you. Sola doesn’t use the concept of following. It spreads information like a viral disease to the most interested users, applying AI algorithms combined with users reactions. Quality content can easily reach the whole Sola user base. Users post news, stories and entertainment cards, Sola takes care of the rest.

Sola generates revenue from advertising, user payments and partnerships and splits it with users, providing strong financial incentive to use service and create quality content, that results in further revenue increase. Sola economy powered by SOL, a utility token with a monetary function, that allows to reward users and sell services in efficient and transparent manner.

Official Website Link: Sola Foundation


A decentralized Search Engine, the problem is most of the Internet giants provide everything for us – free search, free mail, free chat. But, every time you perform a search or click on an ad, they are paid hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars from the companies behind the ad. Why should you do all the work while they reap all the benefits?

BitClave is the next generation of search data privacy. You should have control over who can use it- and how. Our decentralized search engine helps you truly find what you’re looking for and get compensated for your data, making third-party advertising networks unnecessary. Powered by blockchain, you can rest assured your data is protected.

Official Website Link: Bitclave


461 billion USD of imported fake goods in circulation globally. Regular authenticity and food safety scandals in China and fake pharmaceuticals in play around the world. Blockchain unable to solve the problem without a link between digital and physical assets.

WaBi Project – a blockchain-based loyalty programme to encourage and reward purchases in the Walimai safe channel, and to establish collective security through individual action.

Official Website Link: Wabi Project


Tokenbox is a unique ecosystem that brings together crypto-currency funds under the managementof professional portfolio managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the other.

Investors are to be granted access to the best strategies for managing funds on the Crypto market with a high degree of safety in these processes. Portfolio managers and traders, including professional teams, are to receive a ready-made “box” solution for the creation of their own tokenized funds, operating professionally, transparently and within the applicable legal framework.

The technical solutions offered by Tokenbox enable the fund management process and its development in an efficient and technologically safe way. Thus, investors can make their choice between different legal and audited funds, according to the inherent ratio of risk and return.

Official Website Link: Tokenbox

Please do your due diligence before investing in ICO’s, this is not a financial advice!


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